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In April 2013, 3D animation company ArtPoint Studios released a 3D printed face-based role playing game called Face Arena in which players could digitally shape the characters’ features, as well as their costumes, by waving their hands at a screen projected by their own faces. In February 2014, French startup Vril showed a virtual reality head-mounted display that allowed the user to change the hairstyle, costume, and facial expression of their digital avatar by moving their head. Vril CEO Emmanuel Ribes told the BBC that the company's technology was "the world's first head-mounted display with facial tracking." He added, "This means you will be able to change the look of your avatar by moving your face." The technology also allowed the user to converse with other avatars by speaking into their microphone and the other user could answer. See also Augmented reality Artificial body Facial recognition Masquerade Pattern-recognition facial recognition Real-world modeling Robots in society Social robotics Virtual reality References External links Faceware Technologies Category:Biometrics Category:Facial recognition softwareTwo letter abbreviation Two letter abbreviation (abbreviations: two-letter abbreviation) is a term in the English language that refers to a dictionary entry or a word for a technical term or a sign that represents a two-character word. The abbreviations are created and maintained by individual institutions or companies. Many dictionaries provide an entry for each pair of letters used as an abbreviation, such as "tr" for the abbreviation for "transistor." These two-character abbreviations are generally not used for words of a foreign language, as there are no two-character transliterations for the majority of foreign languages (English is an exception, because of the spelling system). This is different from most other international abbreviations, such as the ISO codes, UNFCCC or WMO. Some organizations have formed official two-letter names for their services and products, such as Procter & Gamble, Chrysler, Boeing, CAC, and ACH. The use of two-letter abbreviations is limited to the English language and its derivatives. List of abbreviations Abbreviation – a similar use of initials. Alpha-numeric code Alternate spelling One-letter abbreviation




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Faceware Live 2 0 Cracked - berkal

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